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Accent Tables - A Fantastic Way To Complete Any Redecorating Project

Have you just redecorated your living room and now as you look at it, you feel like something is missing? If so, don't fret because there is a great way to complete its appearance, all you have to do is purchase a few accent tables to place in the space.

Accent tables are just the ticket if you think your space is missing something and for good reason because they have a fantastic appearance that is sure to please. What's great about them is how they are available in a wide variety of shapes, styles, designs, and sizes. Like, you can get ones that are round, others that have a unique oval shape, some that are square, those that are rectangle, and some can even have drop down leafs while others are heart shaped. Some of the style options include those that have a traditional feel, others that are more on the modern side, antique ones are available too, and transitional ones that combine styles.

There are so many accent tables offered by manufacturers because of all the gorgeous substances they have, which are then refined in a number of lovely ways using different finishes. For example, you can get one that is crafted out of wood that features a cherry finish and detailed scrollwork, something that would fall into the antique category. Or, another antique option is one that is also crafted out of wood, but this time around it has a distressed finish and hand painted accents. Some other substances they can be made out of include metal, a combination of metal and wood, or a combination of metal and glass. While some other finishes include burnished brass for the metal, sleek espresso for the wood, and clear or frosted for the glass.

For an easy way to find the perfect accent tables for your space, just go online and do some shopping. You can browse the different options in no time at all and when you do happen upon something that you like, it is generally at the best prices possible. Shopping has never been so simple since you don't have to step one foot outside your home to do it.

Not only are accent tables great for placing in your living room, but they would also be a nice choice for adding in other rooms as well. For example, maybe you have a bare spot in your dining room, like an empty corner. Well, you could put one in there to fill that void and really add to the overall look of the room. Or, you could place one in a foyer area if you wanted, like a nice way to break up the space, plus, it would also be ideal for displaying and setting down different things as well. A few other places that you could put one include at the end of a long hallway, in a larger bathroom, and in a bedroom.

When it comes down to it, accent tables are just a nice way to complete the look of any space. So, if you are redecorating, make sure to keep them in mind because if you don't, your space might not turn out like you want it to.


Hints for Embellishing Your Tables with Art and Knick-Knacks

When decorating a room, there are numerous categories of artwork and accessories, one of which is items for tabletops and other surfaces. Do not confuse tabletop decorations with wall unit accents - wall units are for showing off collections or things that you want showcased in a room, such as books, figurines, and wood picture frames, while tabletop accessories require more consideration depending upon the function of the table that they're on. While you need to work to produce balance in the room and on your table with the accessories, if you aren't able to use the table for what it's meant for then this defeats the purpose.

Coffee Table Decorating

When you walk into a living room or family room which has a coffee table, the eye always naturally gravitates to the coffee table first, so it is important to make it look great. In addition, it is especially likely to be noticed since it is generally in the center of the room. People often don't know what they're doing and so they accessorize their coffee table all wrong. Here are a few helpful guidelines:

The coffee table's accessories should be at least three different heights, and the greatest height will actually depend on your ceiling height. If your ceiling is twelve feet or higher, the tallest accent should be between thirty and forty-two inches high. On the other hand, your tallest decoration should be more like eighteen to twenty-four inches tall if your ceilings are only ten feet or so. Tall flower arrangements work well in rooms with high ceilings. A few more ideas for tall things to place on a coffee table include sculptures, an urn, or maybe some candlesticks.

The item that will supply the medium height (which ought to be roughly four to eight inches in height), might be a couple of books stacked on each other, a neat looking bowl, a small wood chest, or perhaps a few simple double picture frames. Remember this: if you're going to place a picture frame on top of a coffee table, it ought to be the kind that can easily hold a picture on each side, so that none of your guests are ever looking at the back side of a frame.

Low items may include such things as plates, trays, small sculptures - items below three inches in height.

Something that you should never forget is that you should always do everything in odd numbers. If the coffee table is pretty normal in size, you should be fine selecting three or maybe five accessories.

Dinner Table Accessorizing

A dining room table, no matter what size it is, really should be accessorized, even if it's with only one item. Dining area tables are one of the easiest tabletops to accessorize. A big wooden bowl full of fruit is quaint; an elegant floral arrangement can be lavish. If you stick with just one item for embellishing your table with, then a good size would be roughly 1 fourth of the length or perhaps the width of the table. The style, measurements, and shape that your table has will determine what you choose to decorate it with.

There are many things you could embellish the dining room table with, from dishes, to flowers, to plates, to other containers. Place things of varying colors and dimensions in the container- this will bring variety and texture to your table. Things you could use include flowers, nuts in their shells, fruits (apples and oranges work well), gems, stones, shells, wrapped candies, and dried things such as flowers or fruit or foliage or potpourri.

Finally, Some DOs and DON'Ts


• Verify that all of the objects you're using match nicely with each other.

• Mix and match textures; don't be shy with combining wood, glass, and metal objects.

• Customize your table with accents that have sentimental worth or tell a great story.

Be sure at least one of your decorations has color, like flowers.


• Do not set up your items with one at each and every corner of the tabletop.

• Don't place the objects in a straight line, either.

• Your table should not be overly messy with an excessive amount of objects.

• Don't place a tall accessory on the table in a place where it would obstruct the view of a visitor seated there.

So follow these tips, and you are sure to get wonderful complements from everyone who visits your home. They will all be curious to find out how you made your home look so nice!


Gemstone Globes - Beauty And Education In One

It is unfortunate that today's youth has lost a grasp on the world and the countries involved. Many schools today just teach to standardized tests and learning about other lands and cultures seems to have been left out of the mix.
This is where we, as parents, need to step in an offer children a way to learn that there is more to the world than the small section they live in. A great way to do this is through the use of gemstone globes.

You may be thinking a normal globe will do the trick, and you would be right, but there is a difference between choosing something that will just do the job and choosing an item that will not only get the job done, but will also leave a great impression at the same time. That is what gemstone globes will do.

Gemstone globes are hand crafted out of number small pieces of gemstone. You may find lapis, jade and many members of the quartz family coming together to create the topography of one of these masterpieces. Essentially, they are a piece of sculpture art, as each stone has to be cut just so, or else it will not fit in the curved space that it has to occupy.
If you are looking for an extra level of richness to your gemstone globe, you should consider those that are given the extra special touches. Some have been made with gold leafing accents or silver detailing, which makes them even more stunning.

Since colored gemstones are used, these globes still have the features you would expect, of countries being each a different color so they are easy to tell apart. This will make the teaching side of this job go much easier. There are obvious divisions between countries and continents that you can point out.

Another plus that gemstone globes have, which others don't, is that they are fun to touch. Kids, by nature, are hands on. They like to touch and feel things. When you have a gemstone globe, instead of one of those plastic ones, there is a payoff when they put their fingers on it. The stone will be cold to the touch when they first touch it, but if they keep their hand there long enough, it will warm up, as the stone radiates the heat from their hand back to them.

The final benefit of choosing gemstone globes as your globes of choice for teaching your children about the world is that they are much more attractive than those made of plastic and cardboard. Globes made of real gemstones can easily be given a place of distinction in your home and do it justice. From your office to den or even the living room, these artful looks at the world will be a beautiful addition to your home, especially if you have a nautical or world traveling theme. Not only will they be a way to pass a little knowledge on, but also a piece that looks like it was mean to be a part of your home décor.


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